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Kratzer Komments


As you will notice I like to make bowls from less than perfect wood. I prefer wood with character features such as knots and/or knot holes, bark edge or inclusions, weathering cracks worm holes and other features that add interest to the finished piece as well as a glimpse of the history of the tree that the wood came from.

My bowls are finished with a penetrating oil finish that cures in the wood not on the wood. After the finish cures I buff and wax the surface for a low sheen. There is no surface film so there is no chance of finish separation. These bowls can  be used for salad, fruit or dry goods. To clean they should never be put in the dish washer but wiped with a soapy cloth and dried. Over time with usage the surface will dull somewhat and develop a patina but remain smooth to the touch and water resistant. If needed another coat of oil can be applied and rebuffed to renew the finish and sheen.

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