Return to home ownership

I haven’t posted here in a while. So I thought this new wrinkle in our life my be worth documenting for those that are really bored and need some senseless drivel to read. 
A new adventure is beginning in our life. We are looking to buy another home in the very near future. Our daughter & son-in-law JoEllen and Gregg Hothem are selling our lovely abode of the last 10 years and downsizing to a condo. Condos don’t hold two families and guys like me with workshops with lots of tools, some of them quite large.
We haven’t been home owners in 10 years and haven’t had a mortgage in almost 20 years. Some would say we shouldn’t be doing this at this age and stage. I’m actually a little pumped by the idea. I do like making “silk purses out of sow’s ears.”
We looked at some in N KY last week and decided we wanted to stay on the north side of the river close to our main activities of church, wood turning club and quilting club. Looked at 3 houses today. One we really like and think it could work for us. Some compromises but very workable. As usual at the very high end of our budget.
My mind wants to buy a inexpensive fixer-upper like we always have done but my body and especially my daughter have me pretty convinced that I need to spend more money and not buy so much work.
Pray that we will find the right combination of price, features, suitability, location and renovations needed.