19 Days Post OP

I guess I got blogged out as I have nothing very dramatic to share. Nevertheless I’m not back to normal yet.

To wear out an old phrase, “It is what it is.” We just have to learn how to live with it and try to smile while doing so. Smiling is the really hard part. 🙂

I need to remember it’s less than three weeks since surgery. No pain meds, Peeing is fine. Digestion is still iffy and I feel a little to a lot run down most of the time. I’m at a weight I haven’t seen in 40 years. I wish I felt better but I’m feeling better every day and trust that I’ll be at 71 year old 100 percent in the next couple of weeks. Of course 71 year old 100 percent isn’t so good sometimes but again, “It is what it is.”

It’s been a bit of a yo-yo since getting home. Good day, bad day, so-so day, etc. I’m totally off pain meds and physical healing of surgery I believe is 80-90 percent complete. The issue is my digester hasn’t figured out how to operate without a gall bladder yet. Some days I’m very fatigued and achy flu like symptoms. These are the hardest days. Most every day I feel bloated with a lot of digestive gurgling and churning. Almost always hungry like no matter what I eat it doesn’t satisfy. These days are tolerable but hope they go away soon.

My research tells me this is all likely to pass in time as my body adjusts to operation without a gall bladder to store and dispense bile as needed. I may have to adjust my eating habits as I figure out what foods aggravate the system. Generally the need is to cut back on fats. Wednesday was a good day and I was out with my buddies and consumed a Subway sandwich and a small order of fries later in the day. Thursday I paid for it. Friday was better and today is not a bad day at all. Ate very little fat on Thursday, Friday and today to get back on track. So I guess I’m being forced onto a heart healthy diet unless I want to be miserable. Maybe not all bad.

I’m at a weight I haven’t seen in a long, long time so there are some good results from all of this. I’ve been intentionally trying to lose some weight since early in the year anyway. This has certainly sped up the process. Now I’m trying to stop the loss. Unfortunately the foods that are digestible are not very calorie dense.

Well that’s probably more than you wanted to hear. I’ll stop now.