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#1380 Footed Bowl

#1380 Footed Bowl 5$550.00 Free Shipping

This is a unique large Red Oak bowl that would look great as a center piece. It is 17-1/2 inches diameter by 7-1/2 high. This came from a tree in our yard that was over 100 years old. It had to be removed due to disease. It is made from the ‘crotch’ area of the tree and includes complex grain patterns, cracks and bark inclusions that add to its beauty. The bark has been stabilized and is very sturdy. All the wood has been sealed with penetrating oil and buffed to a low sheen. The grain patterns are dramatic and varied. The bowl is a delight to hold and caress as you study its varied beauty. The three legs lift it off the table and give it a visual lightness that belies its size.

I love working with wood that has this kind of character. Each grain swirl, crack, broken limb, rotted or weathered area is a small reminder of an event in the life of the tree. Much like us the inner tree reveals the bumps and bruises, the good times and bad times, the trials and triumphs in our lives that build and color our inner beauty and shape who we are for all to see if they just look below the surface.

Anyone should be proud to add this beautiful bowl with its life story etched in its grain to their home. It would look good all by itself as the center of attraction or as the holder of a few other decorator items as my wife has done with a similar bowl in our home (see last photo).

We hope you enjoy the pictures and decide to add this to your home decor.

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$550.00 Free Shipping

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