To Blog or not to blog?

I began an unexpected medical journey on Sunday 9-7-14. I initially thought if I blog about this then my friends can go to one place and keep up to speed. Then I thought that would be a lot of work to keep the blog up to date. Then I thought I’ll put it on Face Book and send a few emails that should do it. So that is what I did.

My Face Book entries and emails have generated a fair number of encouraging responses of which I am grateful. I appreciate that folks care about my well being and are taking the time to ‘like’ or comment.

Nevertheless as this medical plot thickens and my mind grapples with the issues I keep returning to the blog idea. I have a couple of web sites that don’t get much use or updating so why not?

Then I thought If I write about it it will be cathartic. I’m pretty low key and analytical but do find that if I express the bazillion thoughts that go through my little grey cells it helps me come to better decisions. Maybe not better but feeling more comfortable about them since they are processed to a greater degree. I’m very process oriented. Ask my wife.

So I guess this is the beginning of my Stomach Ache Blog. Stay tuned. See now I want to go back and reread this and polish and edit it which ends up taking forever. I need to learn how to just write what I feel/think and move on. So I’m going to post this without any edits. Doesn’t mean that I won’t edit it at some point in the future. UGH!