Almost There.

So I went to bed last night thinking I was coming down with a cold and that the surgery would probably be postponed. My head was stuffed up and getting worse. I want to get this over with and not have to do another round of pre-op appointments. Besides the longer we wait the more chance the tumor has to spread. Not a good idea.

Then it occurs to Hannah that it may be allergies. I had done some leaf blowing and rummaging around in the dusty attic. Earlier in the week I had stopped taking all medications (including my daily allergy pill) in prep for the surgery. Nevertheless I decided to takeĀ one last night. After an hour or so my head began to drain. Took another pill this morning and head is clearing but I still have a sinus headache but no temperature. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by Monday morning and surgery time. I’m trusting that a few allergy pills are less detrimental to surgery than an stuffed up head.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be purge day. Milk of Magnesia first thing and clear liquids only all day. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. This should help my quest to lose a few excess pounds. Don’t think I’ll get much to eat on Monday either. After a two day fast I’ll be hungry on Wednesday! Maybe they make you purge and fast so the hospital food will taste good to you. šŸ™‚

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30AM Monday. I have no idea how long it will take two surgeons to remove a gall bladder and than a kidney tumorĀ using robots working through multiple holes in my gut. Probably several hours. They tell me lots of little holes are better than one big one. The wonders of modern medicine.

We appreciate your continued prayers till we get through this and safely out the other side. We’ll try to keep you posted on progress. I’ll be on my computer as soon as I’m able andĀ they let me.