So I did a little research on what this little adventure might cost. Did you ever try to read a government document? Anyway what I glean from the 300 page tome “Annual Notice of Changes” from AARP Medicare Complete is that my maximum out of pocket expense can’t exceed $6700. That’s encouraging. Not as bad as I thought it might be but of course I may not have read the fine print. So time will tell.

If this is true then the Advantage plan is the better choice if you don’t have any major health issues for two years. If a supplement plan cost ~$300 a month, $3600 per year then about 1.8 years is the break even point. I hope this is true.

Oh, upon leaving the hospital I quick had an appointment with my PCP as instructed was necessary before the surgery. I did that on the 10th. Well now that the surgery is scheduled for the 13th of October I have to have another ‘do nothing’ appointment with my PCP because to be a ‘valid’ pre op appointment it must fall within 30 days of the surgery. It’s just another $50 copay for nothing but a government paper mill.

Another little quirk. The doctor wanted to do a bone scan to check for spread of cancer. The insurance would not pay since I don’t have a history of cancer. I wonder what they think the lemon size thing hanging on my kidney is? Oh, they will pay after it is out and verified to be cancer.