Hello world!

A few years ago I bought a cheap web site development package called “Web Easy”. I managed to cobble together a web site, currently visible at www.kratzerkraft.com. I found the package to be very restrictive and difficult to do what I wanted to do. As a result I did not change or update the site since it’s original version. Since then I have been reading/hearing that Word Press is the easiest way to create/maintain a web site.

So, today I decided to try to get Word Press working and redo my web site. It is now 12 hours later and I am making my first post to my new site. Yes it is easy if you know what you are doing and understand all the terms etc. But after several email exchanges with the 1and1 Host techies and careful re-reading of many helpful online instructions, here I am! Part of the Blogosphere.

I doubt that I’ll do much Blogging but I would like to develop the site as a showcase and online store for my wood turnings. Time will tell.

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